About Us

Is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, and financial contributions nurturing the betterment of all persons and communities. The specific purpose of the foundation is to provide community awareness, education, human services cultivation, support and volunteer in-kind professional services, professional guidance, financial scholarships, individual grants, financial sponsorships, life and cultural enrichment skills assistance, and foster minority achievement growth development.

Our mission is to impact individuals, families, and communities through grants, scholarships, financial assistance, educational/direct programs and service initiatives to reach those in greatest needs.

  • Helping individuals move from welfare, low self-esteem and low skill level competence to economic independence
  • Strengthening families and ensuring healthy childhood development
  • Addressing the frequently interrelated problems of homelessness, drug addiction and mental illness
  • Fostering youth leadership
  • Create socio economic prosperity for minorities and disadvantaged persons
  • Literacy Promotion
  • Ongoing rehabilitation, quality enhancement services, supportive therapies and financial assistance for persons with development disabilities, chronic illness or post traumatic injury
  • Health and wellness coaching and mentoring
  • Veterans Assistants Program
  • Provide referrals via our preferred consortium database to clients in need of assistance