FTHCF Initiatives:

Title - Economic Displacement

- Foster professional etiquette and placement to become a value-added member in the workplace. This facilitates the member's full participation in the economy.

  • IFED consists of;
  • Teach computer literacy, jargon and communication
  • Professional Development and Placement (networking opportunities, research the company and position for which applying, mock one-on-one interviews, earmarks on current events, ask intelligent questions
  • Professional ethics training (interview etiquette,
  • Effectual Resume Building
  • Overall goal is to facilitate member to become full participant in the economy
  • Promotes self esteem within member's community
  • Customize professional growth
  • Administer a comprehensive exam to establish career based on assessed skill set
  • Educate member's to engage in ongoing good business practices
  • Teach proper financial budgeting tools and tips to secure fiscally responsible future

Title - Economic Recycling

INITIATIVE FOR ECONOMIC RECYCLING PREVENTION PROGRAM (IERP) - Leveraging people becoming more economically stable with financial literacy. We don't want people to become financially insolvent again.
Facilitate enhanced creation and innovation throughout workplace. Become more valuable in workplace, increasing overall productivity. When you ask for that raise, it will be warranted.

  • IERP consists of;
  • Facilitate comprehension of personal and business benefits.
  • Advanced computer training
  • Become more valuable in the workplace (when asking for an increase in compensation, it will be warranted)
  • Teach professional and financial literacy
  • Promotes leadership within member's community
  • Train to become more effective participant in economy
  • Promote your experience, skills and abilities (volunteer to make a difference, be a solution creator not a problem maker, handle the next level on this level, announce you want it, join groups to accelerate promotions)
  • Diffuse and encode Knowledge management

Title - Bet a vet 2 copy

THE BET-A-VET INITIATIVE - Foster professional programs and partnerships for veterans and their families by facilitating continuous, positive reintegration into society. Let's BET on our VETS!

  • BET-A-VET consists of;
  • Provide Social, Employment, Career and Relocation Integration, Counseling, Financial Consultation, and Educational Opportunity & Adjustment for Family Service
  • Promote Volunteer opportunities by and for veterans
  • Facilitate positive reintegration for veterans to adjust to civilian life
  • Provide food, clothing and facilitate partnerships for temporary/permanent housing of veterans and their families
  • To enhance the capacity of national service programs to successfully recruit, engage, and support veterans with disabilities in structured volunteer experiences
  • Facilitate educational scholastic by allowing students to interview veterans as part of oral history projects to preserve their wartime memories for future generations.
  • Foster partnerships with veteran-serving organizations and national service members to prepare care packages for servicemen and women currently deployed and distribute books and educational material to children of military families.
  • Facilitate and identify promising practices, products, and delivery strategies to military personnel and their families.
  • Facilitate veteran's transition to a post-military career through entrepreneurship. This will foster positive self-esteem and self sufficiency via entrepreneurship by encouraging veterans to utilize personal strengths and capabilities, alongside skills gained through military service, leveraging leadership skills to build a cohesive business platform.

Title - Family Independence Program

FAMILY INDEPENDENCE PROGRAM (FIND) - is an innovative and volunteer-driven program. It recognizes and responds to the special needs of at-risk, low-income, homeless and under-served populations of families with co-occurring quality of life challenges. 

FIND works with these families to identify individual and family needs and abilities/skills, providing all necessary training and support to address needs while using inherent skills. 

Trained FIND volunteer advocates assist clients with addressing immediate food, health care and housing needs; with follow-up services focusing on employment, job skills assessment, job search and interview preparation training. 

The FIND volunteers also serve as a communication link between the client and non-FTH service providers, as needed. From increased awareness of their own needs and abilities, through to participation in the appropriate program, the FIND participants are empowered with viable job skills, housing, health care, family dynamics, and financial management so that they may live independently and successfully in the community.

Title - The Inclusion Initiative

THE INCLUSION INITIATIVE - This initiative couples developmentally challenged adults and children to interact socially. By bringing both adults and children with developmental disabilities together, FTHCF advocates enhancement of social skills that will benefit both segments of the population. Additionally, the children can be of comfort and fill youthful voids amongst the adults. Alongside, the adults can serve as an example in social settings that assist in skill-development for the children.